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All who share the society’s objectives are invited to join. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter, access to member's only area of the website including the membership directory, and access to knowledge and expertise of other genealogical researchers.  Please read the Membership Benefits section below for a more in-depth understanding of what your membership fee provides for not only the society and the Pikes Peak Library District, but for research materials for you and others doing family history research.


Individual yearly membership: $25.

Couple yearly membership: $35.


For membership questions, contact Jan Myers, Membership Vice President.


To join, click to open a New Member application form.

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Overview of what PPGS membership offers: Membership Brochure


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Membership Benefits

Many times members don’t really understand the full potential of what their membership fee is paying for and what it provides. So, I would like to take a few paragraphs to point out what your membership provides and how, without your membership, many of these benefits would not be possible.
The first objective of the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society is to promote an interest in genealogy.
            The second objective is to encourage and instruct members and the local community in genealogical research, maintaining high-quality genealogical standards.
            Now we get to the Programs. As you are well aware, PPGS offers monthly programs featuring speakers, both internal and external to the society, who give presentations on a wide variety of topics.
            A third objective of the society is to locate, preserve, and index public and private genealogical records and make such records available to members and the general public. We do this on a volunteer basis.  
            The fourth objective of the society is to publish genealogical and historical information in a regular newsletter and any other publications as directed by the membership.
            A fifth objective of the society is to assist and support the Special Collections department of the Pikes Peak Library District and any other genealogical facility that is open to the public.
            The final objective of the society is to keep the membership informed about the status of government actions affecting access to and preservation of genealogical records.
            As you can see, PPGS does provide many benefits for its members. All of these areas take financial resources and without your membership dollars, many of these areas would not be possible to provide. So, please, think about joining our society. Become a member of the best genealogical society on the planet, Pikes Peak Genealogical Society! Then you can enjoy your membership benefits because you will have earned them!
— PPGS President
Other Membership Benefits
  • Access all PPGS newsletters, from 1980. Click for sample Fall 2014 issue.
  • Use our innovative genealogy tools
  • List online all the surnames you're searching. Members and the public can see these and contact you.